Monday, October 09, 2006

Dr. Strange-Kim or Why North Korea Loves the Nuclear Bomb

The wait can be compared to the wait for a summer blockbuster at the movies. Since North Korea was added to the Axis of Evil in 2002, we have been waiting for them to prove they have a nuclear bomb. That wait is now over. The question now becomes, so what? They have nuclear bombs. What are we going to do about it? North Korea now has the biggest bargaining chip a world player could ask for. The leadership of the country is eating it up.
From the top down in the government today, we have heard reaction after reaction. From Bush, came the statement, "North Korea's claim that it has tested a nuclear weapon is a threat to international peace and the world will respond." That statement does not seem like one that would be may by the "go-get-them" president. He is saying the "world" will respond. He is not speaking for just the United States. This tells me that our government is afraid to the point of inaction. We will definitely not do this one alone, if we do anything at all.
What North Korea has now is the biggest bargaining chip any world power could ask for. It has put itself into an elite group of nations that have the power to build nuclear bombs. That means if another nation wants North Korea to do something with the nukes, that nation must agree to North Koreas terms. In other words, they have a gun in every negotiation from now on. We no longer have the upper hand.
The UN is going to sit by and do nothing. To often sanctions are seen as a way to "make" a country fall in line with the UN. It has been shown that this will not work with North Korea. Their leadership does not care about the people of the country and sanctions will only hurt the poor in North Korea. The military and leadership will be untouched. Therefore, there must be some other solution presented. What that is has not yet been determined. But the leaders of North Korea have suddenly become very powerful and I fear they may use that power.
Of course the real fear of our government is that they will sell the bomb to terrorist. And while that is a real possibility, I do not stay up at night thinking about it. If they are going to sell the technology, I don't think we can stop them. But if we focus more on security at home, then we can stop the use of the bomb. If we can get our government to look inward instead of outward, we will be safer. North Korea is a real threat. Iraq is not. But it is too late to change that opinion now. What needs to be done is to get some leaders that will focus on safety for Americans at home and stop policing nations that want us out.

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