Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Good Ole Boys Are Back In Town

Last week, Trent Lott did very well in the elections. Even though he is a republican incumbent, his state is redder than red. There was no way he was going to lose. When you come from a state with a nearly 100% incumbency rate, your chances are pretty good. And Lott knew it. He campaigned very little. However, he was able to pull in 346,074 votes. I'm sure Lott is feeling the love. But his party did not fare as well. He returned to Congress in the new minority party. And he was ready to get back into a position of power.
A couple of years ago, Lott was removed from his majority leader position for some "insensitive remarks." I believe it went something like this, "If we had voted him [Strom Thurman] into office as president, we wouldn't have the problem we have now." Now good ole boy Strom, rest his soul, was a Dixiecrat and just about the oldest racist Congress had to offer. With such an endorsement being made, Lott had to go. He was replaced by Bill Frist as majority leader.
With Frist gone after this election, he retired, Lott saw an opportunity. Today he won the position of "No. 2" for the minority Republicans. And it was pretty close with Lott only winning by a 25 to 24 vote. But Lott is pretty pleased. See this means the "good ole boy" system still exist in Congress. To have such an incompetent man as your "No. 2" speaks volumes about your party. It says, "Hey we don't care who our leaders are." Trent Lott needed to go.
Although that blame goes to the people of Mississippi. Lott wouldn't be making headlines if he had been ousted with the other idiots in the elections. But apparently, the "good ole boy" system is alive and well in Mississippi too. Apparently, Mississippi thinks its Congressional leaders are doing a fine job. Apparently, the voters here are stupid. At least the ones that kept these people in office. Lott was lucky this time. If things keep going in this direction, Mississippi may soon be less red. And Lott can pack his bags with the rest of the good ole boys.

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