Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jack Is Back?

The plot of it all reads like the screenplay to a bad teen slasher flick. Five unsuspecting girls just trying to get by are slaughtered by an evil serial killer. The fact of the matter is that this is not fiction, it is the stone-cold truth. The setting for all this is the small, English city of Ipswich. The girls are prostitutes and they are all dead. Authorities have said that all the girls were killed in a similar fashion and in similar places. The whole thing points to a serial killer on the loose. In England an ominous warning has been put out. A warning that has not been heard in England since the Victorian Era, "All prostitutes stay off the street. It is not safe." The killer is still out there but already the comparisons are being made to a similar killer from England's past, Jack the Ripper.
The similarities are very real. When the Ripper Murders occurred, five victims were taken. All were prostitutes and all were horribly murdered in common areas. At this point, little is known about who is committing these crimes. Authorities are calling it a serial killer because of the similarities in victim choice and method of killing. Like the Ripper, this killer has also taken five victims. All of the girls were prostitutes and have been identified as Gemma Adams, 25; Tania Nicol, 19; Anneli Alderton, 24; Paula Clennell, 24, and Annette Nicholls, 29. The last two names were the latest victims found.
In an even more chilling turn in the case, Paula Clennell was interviewed by British media shortly before her disappearance. She was asked about the warning from British authorities to stay off the streets. In reply to the warning Clennell said, "I have to continue working the streets because I need the money." Now, she is dead. Her fears were realized.
One can only imagine the fear associated with knowing that such a killer is on the loose in your own backyard. The obvious similarities between these murders and those from the past cannot be denied. This bad copy-cat must be caught. It is odd that Jack the Ripper was never caught or even positively identified. Perhaps Jack is back. One popular theory about Jack the Ripper is that he was actually a vampire. OK, maybe it's not a popular theory, but still interesting. Is this killer a fan or is it Jack himself? Let us hope that more lives are not lost in the quest to find out.

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