Friday, December 08, 2006

Love Thy Neighbors or At Least Talk

It doesn't take a foreign studies major to tell you why there is no diplomatic relationship between the US, Syria, and Iran. Our president has clearly labeled these nations as terrorists states and has refused to work with them on a plan for Middle-East stability. Even though the much hyped Iraq Study Group says it is a great idea, the Bush White House is not budging. And why this could be is beyond me. Wouldn't it make more sense to actually work with people that live in the region to help fix the region? I guess it makes too much sense.
Yesterday, old buddies (not by choice) Bush and Blair sat down for breakfast and a chat on the Middle East. Afterwards, a press conference yielded much about Bush's opinion of the Iraq Study Group's findings. The most controversial part of the report has been that the US should include Iran and Syria in talks about how to stabilize Iraq. But Bush says it is not going to happen. Unless...
Yes, our immature child of a president has set conditions for these two nations. If they meet the conditions, then they may participate in an international discussion on something that is going on in their own backyard. For Iran Bush has the following condition: "If they would like to engage the United States, they've got to verifiably suspend their [nuclear] enrichment program." And for Syria, the condition is equally ridiculous. According to the President Syria must, "stop destabilizing Lebanon's government." These two goals are completely ridiculous. It is childish to present such a challenge to two sovereign nations who want to participate in diplomatic talks. What if the tables were turned?
That would be a big laugh. If Iran and Syria were to give us demands, the current administration would laugh in their faces. So why should we not expect them to do the same. The truth of all this is in the motives. Why would Bush place such demands on Iran and Syria knowing full well they will not comply? I am beginning to think Bush wants this war to continue. I am beginning the think that the face of evil is alive and well in the White House. The United States needs the help of all Middle Eastern nations to stabilize Iraq. We stupidly created a situation that has lead to civil war. Now we need real help to calm it down. Who better to help than nations of the same culture? No one. But don't tell that to Bush.
I am fed up with the child-like nature with which international relations is handled in this country. Let me make this statement and know that I think it to be the utter truth. Bush wants our troops to die in Iraq. He wants good men and women to sacrifice themselves in the name of nothing. He wants us to be stuck in a never ending civil war that we help start. He wants to dump all these problems on the next president. He is an evil person and he should be removed from office immediately. If he is such a good Christian as many short-sighted evangelical Americans see him, then why does he act against the teachings of his religion? Why doesn't he love his neighbors as himself? Why doesn't he at least try another solution besides war? The answer is because he is an evil black-hearted war monger with a lust for blood. If we all had the power, he would be gone. This war will never end.

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