Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Spice Up Your Election With Kucinich

In 2004, a spry Democratic Congressman from Ohio threw his hat into the race for the presidency. He was one of the many that were trying to gain the Democratic nomination. He didn't get it. He was overpowered in the primaries by the likes of Howard Dean and John Kerry. The only thing he had going for him were his views. But this former-bachelor from Cleveland did not let this get him down. As the 2008 election season gets into gear, Dennis Kucinich is back. And he is ready for action.
Many thought that after his recent wedding, Kucinich would fade into the background of American politics. But the Democratic party's handling of the war in Iraq has inspired him to run again. Kucinich's major disagreement stems from Democrats approval of the $160 billion dollar spending bill for the war. Kucinich said that Democrats should have listened to voters. In an interview he said, "Democrats were swept into power on November 7 because of widespread voter discontent with the war in Iraq. Instead of heeding those concerns and responding with a strong and immediate change in policies and direction, the Democratic congressional leadership seems inclined to continue funding the perpetuation of the war." So Kucinich has been pushed to return to the spotlight.
Kucinich becomes only the second Democrat to declare his campaign for president. Poll front-runners Clinton and Obama have yet to officially announce their candidacy. And Kucinich faces some deep competition from those two individuals. If Kucinich was a long shot last time, he is even more so now. With all the fresh faces running for President, how can Kucinich possible expect to get anything done? He need only stick to his beliefs.
In 2004, Kucinich ran with many big liberal values. He said that if elected president, he would seek the creation of a national peace department and universal health care. These two things alone may be very popular with voters in 2008. The American people have already spoken, through the election, that they want change in Washington. Perhaps Dennis Kucinich is that change. If not, he will at least make things interesting for Clinton and Obama. If the two front-runners follow the pattern of Democrats in previous elections, they will both start to lean more toward Moderate as election time grows near. With Kucinich in the debates, he can keep important liberal issues on the table and probably make Clinton and Obama look stupid for not agreeing. While I am not officially endorsing Dennis Kucinich for president, I am not going to say that he will not have my support in the future. I wish him luck. He is going to need it.

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