Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Alive and Kicking

For years now, there has been one man that is the thorn on the side of the United States. That man is Fidel Castro. It comes as no surprise that the news of a serious illness in October made many Cuban refugees and American officials happy. Many rumors began to show up that Castro was dead. He has not been seen since the announcement of this illness. And these rumors ranged from Castro's brother leading the country to Hugo Chavez (from Venezula) running things. But after today, all these myths are officially busted.
A video has surfaced of Castro and Chavez meeting on Tuesday to discuss various topics. Many have said the video is dated. However, closer inspection will reveal that Chavez is holding a Saturday edition of the Argentine newspaper Clarin. This shows that Fidel is, in fact, alive and kicking. According to Chavez, the two leaders met to discuss "the threats of the empire." And all the planned rejoicing came to an end.
It was revealed this weekend that a group in Miami is planning a huge Castro-death celebration. Is that really neccessary? I mean, I know Fidel Castro is a Communist dictator and is not to be trusted. But should we really celebrate his death? Of course not. If "W" fell over dead tomorrow, I wouldn't party. He is a human.
What we should really be discussing is what is going on in Latin America. There is a growing anti-US mindset in this ignored region of the world. Leaders like Chavez and Castro represent a new threat to the US. We are focusing on the Middle-East and are ignoring one of the most populated regions in the world. Unlike Asia, Latin America may be the breeding ground for new attacks on America. And this does not include things like terrorists attacks. In the years to come South America will be a world leader in oil production. The Middle East will run out soon. South America holds the energy of the future. And if we let an anti-Western sentiment fester, it will come back to bite us.

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Walter said...

Good for you. You're looking straight ahead at the future, not trying to watch it while looking sideways. Sorry, I'm bad with the metaphors sometimes. But good job anyway.