Monday, January 08, 2007

Cowboy's Cannon Fodder

I never supported the war. From the time this war was conceived, I was against it 100%. I saw this war as one that had no clear objectives and no clear end. I knew that many thousands of troops would die for an unclear and manufactured cause. That is why I was against the war. But once the war began, I had to make it clear that my anger was in no way aimed at the soldiers. There mission is only to serve. They can't questions their orders, but I can and have. That being said, what is about to be announced this week by the Bush White House is as terrible an idea as the war itself.
Though no official announcement has been made, it is thought that Bush will announce a surge of at least 20,000 to the Baghdad area. A surge that will send thousands of more lives into the worst possible conditions in all of Iraq. And this idea is called the "New Way Forward."
All of Washington is on edge for this announcement. Democrats are saying they will not approve an increase in troop levels unless great justification is given. New Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, "if Bush calls for additional U.S. troops for Iraq, he will have to show the Democratic-controlled Congress why more money should be poured into the war." Money is the name of the game here. When the Republicans controlled Congress, this act would not have been questioned. However, the American people have made it clear that they want a real change in Iraq. More money and more troops is not the change they were looking for. And it should not be.
It is high time we took a new step in making our voices heard. We need to make it clear to the White House that our troops are not this cowboy's cannon fodder. They are not inanimate pawns that can be disposed of at random. These are living, breathing human beings. This war is costing too many lives. Another troops surge will raise the military numbers in Iraq to record preparations. And with no let up in violent attacks, that means everyday more troops will die.
I don't know why Bush is still sitting in that Oval Office. I don't know why people can't see what I see. This war has to stop. The only thing that is going to change when this announcement is made is the number of troops dieing for nothing. It is going to go up. Every time some "change" is announced, it turns out to be nothing more than the same old rhetoric presented in a different way. Just because you put a man in a dress, doesn't make him a woman. We are being fooled every time this man speaks of "change." It is complete garbage. And America just eats it up.

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