Monday, January 22, 2007

Democrats Diversity No Good for '08

This past week has been busy in the way of candidates for the 2008 presidential race. The three people that stand out, however, could spell trouble for the election of a Democratic president. Should any of them even get the nomination. Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Barack Obama, and New Mexico's governor Bill Richardson have all started bids for the White House. All three have high expectations that they can win. All three have no chance.
See, in this case I am some sort of prophet. I hear someone talking about running and take a good look at them before figuring out they have no chance. In 1996, I took one look at Bob Dole and said, 'No way...too old." I was right, he didn't win. In 2000, I examined the campaign of "W" Bush. I said to myself, "The US is so conservative, he'll win for sure." Although I wanted Gore to win, I was not really surprised at the outcome of the election. And in 2004, I convinced myself that John Kerry was an evil tree from the Land of Oz. And because of this, he would not win. And of course, he didn't. What I see in these three potential nominees is not a winning combination.
First there is Hillary Clinton. While she is a dynamic figure in politics, she lacks something that all other presidents have had. A penis. Yes, only because she is a woman, will she lose a presidential election. Her platform is not a problem. Many women and men would have no problem with her stances on just about anything. But the voting public in the US is not at a point (and I fear never will be) to elect a woman to the White House. Her name recognition is second to none, but that is as far as it goes with Hillary. If she were a man, she would have this thing wrapped up by December.
Next is Senator Barack Obama. He too is dynamic and pleasing to both voters and politicians alike. He has developed a platform that he appears to stick by. He is "hip" and young like Bill Clinton was. You would think he would have no problem. But his name and his race are the stumbling blocks. Here too, the voting public has not reached this point. It is not racism (well in some parts of the country it would be), but a fear of change. Also, the name "Barack Obama" is too strange in some people's eyes to be that of a president. Voters will also cite his lack of experience in international relation and politics in general. While I think he is the coolest of all three, he stands no chance in 2008.
Lastly, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico. To most Americans, he is a virtual unknown. What most people do not realize is the amount of international relations experience the governor has. And will a name like "Bill Richardson," you would think he would fit in nicely in Washington. However, there is one nagging problem. Richardson is Latino. He is a completely natural citizen but the label of "Latino" would kill any chance of being elected. And I think that is a racist thing with the majority of voters in especially conservative states.
The Democratic Party has a lot of work to do. So far, it has presented the public with a cast of characters that would be historic first to the White House. But they would only get there if they were a woman, a black man, and a Latino governor. At this point, John Edwards seems to be the only promising candidate that would stand a chance next November. Though, I think the party will take the risk and go with one of these three. This may be the end of the party and a slammed door for change in America.

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