Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iran: Deal or No Deal

Today the Iranian government said that it would be willing to talk to the UN about its nuclear program. I think the sane members of the UN Security Council will see this as a step in the right direction. I mean anything that will avoid giving the US a reason to bomb Iran is a good thing. At this point, we really have no case for going into Iran. Or I should say we haven't developed one yet.
All the members of the Security Council were represented today except the US. The Swiss went instead. Iran and the US aren't on speaking terms right now. It's like we are freaking children or something. We aren't talking to them because...well we don't really have a good reason. Probably has something to do with them not giving us all that much oil. Usually does.
Of course the White House did have something negative to say about today's meeting. They didn't like the fact that Iran still won't agree to completely stop its nuclear program. And why should they? We have a nuclear program. Why are we one of the only nations deamed good enough to have nuclear energy? Why can't the people of Iran have it too? China has it. India has it. Russia has it. Why not share?
The US foreign policy is becoming increasingly based on paranoid fantasies about doomsday situations in which crazy Muslims blow up Israel. I think if that were going to happen, it probably would have already. And I don't think Iran will be the country to do it. The Middle-East is screwed up enough because of our cowboy policies and we just keep poking it with our sharp little stick. You know if you poke something enough, it will probably bite you. And if you ask me, you deserve to get bitten in that case.
I think Iran is moving well on this matter. Talking to the UN is good. Anything that avoids war. That is always a good deal. But if the US can just stay out of this, we can keep it that way.

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