Monday, August 21, 2006

Not Worth Its Weight In Oil

I don't know about the rest of you, but by now George W. Bush's opinion on things in the Mideast isn't worth two cents. For more than three years now, we have been in Iraq trying to maintain order. Of course three years ago, "W" said we were done with the major stuff in Iraq. Guess he was wrong.
And since then he has been wrong about EVERYTHING that is going on in the Middle-East. Forget the fact that the civil unrest we see now didn't exist until we started bombing the place. Basically we have taken a pretty ceramic mug, smashed it on the ground on purpose, glued it back together, and are now constantly re-gluing pieces everyday.
In a press conferance today, Bush said, "If we ever give up the desire to help people who want to live in a free society, we will have lost our soul as a nation." First off, our nation has a soul left? I thought it was black and dead because of all the chaos we have created in the last 6 years. And secondly, since when does constant war preserve the soul of a nation anyway? If peace can only be obtained through war upon war, then you can keep your peace.
I'm just tired of hearing this White House talk about keep up the fight for freedom wherever there's trouble. We aren't G.I. Joe. We can't expect everyone in the world to live in a glutinous, American society. And bombing them into submission is definately not the way. So the next time there is a press conferance on the "state of the war or terror" I'm throwing something at the TV. It is getting kind of old. If we are making any progress, please show me. I don't see it.
And that brings up another point. The progression of anything is based on willingness and response to change. If we want to be a better country in a better world, we must change ourselves first. And that starts with elections.
This year many Congressmen and women will be running for re-election. Don't vote for any of them. I'm serious. If you want any real change in this country in the next few years, every incumbent needs to go. And they should be replaced with candidates that are open to change and ready to make it happen. And this goes for both sides.
Too many times in this country, people vote based on party. Republicans and Democrats all do it. STOP DOING IT!!! You are bringing about the death of democracy by not allowing the government to change. Vote out the incumbents. Send a message with that action. We won't be hearing any more "updates" like we heard today if that happens.


Elizabeth said...

Hey, it looks like Connecticut is leading the way. Liebermann found out the hard way.

Cristrista said...

What I don't understand is how anyone thinks that we can enforce democracy in the middle east. Isn't the major concept of a Democracy the idea that it is a government chosen by the people, so don't the people of a nation, not an outside superpower, have to create it?