Sunday, August 20, 2006

JonBenet Remains Cold

It has been nearly ten years since most people have even thought about the murder of a small child in Boulder, Colorado. For me, this case was just one of the many unsolved murders that we have in the United States. I have often wondered what makes this case so different from any other murder of a child? Was it because her body was found so close to Christmas? Or was it because her parents happened to be in a higher tax bracket than the majority of Americans? And what of this sudden admission by a complete stranger living in Thailand?
It seems that some Americans associate the Christmas season as a time when nothing wrong can occur and evil takes a holiday. And then a rich father in Colorado finds his missing daughter dead in their basement. While the death of any child is a tragic loss, the amount of publicity given to this one case was incredible. And considering the time of year, I am not surprised. It makes a terrific headline to mention Christmas and associate it with a crime. "Christmas Slaying" or "Bloody Holiday" are eye-catching phrases that draw attention to the stories undeneath them. But more than that, I am afraid it was money and not time of year that increased the coverage of this case.
It was obvious, even in 1996, that the Ramsey family was well-off by most people's standards. They were in no way a struggling family living pay-check to pay-check. And they definately were not worried about where their next meal would come from. And because of this, they are enveloped by a media frenzy because, "these things don't happen to rich people." But things like this do happen to poor people. And we aren't hearing about it all the time. I think it is a fact that the media tends to cover a story about a rich, white family more often than any other. I think that is sad. They should all be covered. And now the case has been brought up once again.
When I heard that some guy in Thailand had confessed to the murder of JonBenet, I thought the case was over. I really did. I thought, no one would confess to this crime that didn't actually do it. But then someone started doing some research. Someone starting finding the holes in this guy's "confession." Do I think he did it? Probably not. From what I have read and seen so far, I think this guy is crazy. But I don't think he killed JonBenet. We may never know who did that.
A child has been dead now for ten years. She is not the only one but she is getting the most attention. Her case is still cold. And unless, by some strange twist of events, the investigators find the killer, no amount of money or religion will change that fact.

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