Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Who's Afraid of Ole Osama?

Ever since CNN put together this special on Osama, it seems like I've been seeing more coverage about him. In a recent poll, 74% of people feel that Osama is planning another attack. What do I think? I partially agree. I think it would be insane to believe Osama doesn't have something in mind. But I also think that any plan he has will be hard to start due to his current location. Of course we don't even know where that is. He could be chilling in Ft. Lauderdale for all we know.
When I think about the fact that Osama is still out there it makes me sick. I mean I'm sure that many of our armed forces have tried their hardest to catch him or kill him, but they haven't. And I have to wonder about the effort put in by commanders and especially commander in chief. We went into Afganistan with the purpose of catching this guy, and then kind of gave up when we got the opportunity to go after an easier target (read Iraq).
According to this same poll, 58% said they feel it is very likely that the US will capture or kill Osama. I'm not in that 58%. I think this guy will die on his own before we have anything to do with it. And when he does die, on his own, we will claim it as a God-given victory for freedom and liberty. Too much of our focus has been where it should not have been. We were completely in Afghanistan for less than a year before going into Iraq. Did we really expect to make some progress against him in that short of time? I don't believe so.
The real question is would we have captured Osama if we had not gone into Iraq. The poll shows that 51% of people think the US would not have been able to capture Osama by now regardless of the Iraq war. I think those people are stupid. And something else, I don't think we ever intended to capture Osama. I don't think we ever do. Why? Because Osama was just a half-assed excuse to go ahead and get troops into the Middle-East. We needed an excuse. We didn't have our faulty data about Iraq's mobile weapons labs yet. And we knew no one would believe people from Iraq caused 9-11. And we sure as hell weren't going to attack Saudi Arabia. We had to react to 9-11 so Osama was the best target to get our war started. And here we are today, still in it.
I am not living in constant fear that Osama will strike any day. I live in fear of the day when our government decides it needs to start a war in South America or East Asia. I live in fear of the day when our government comes up with a new excuse for senseless war.

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