Thursday, September 07, 2006

Familiar Faces Bad Choice In '08

A recent phone poll of republicans and democrats showed that many old faces are on voters' minds for 2008. Former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, is the favorite among Republicans in this poll. He took in 31% of those that said they voted republican. Also making the list of top candidates were John McCain and Newt Gingrich. The Democrat side was no better. Some old pros of the party made up the top of the list. Senator Hillary Clinton took 37% of the people polled. Al Gore took in around 20%. Also making the top of the list were John Kerry and John Edwards with 11%. In both cases, I am very saddened by these results.
All of these candidates are old faces in the world of politics. They are career politicians. And I think that is good enough reason to avoid all of them. It is high time this country got some fresh faces in Congress and the White House. Both parties need find someone new or they need to get out of the way. Voters need to realize that if you keep voting for the same people, nothing will ever change. I don't care what party you put in power, either one will do the same thing they have done for years.
The Republican party is in a bad place right now. For the last six years, they have had to deal with the whims of a man who clearly knows nothing about running a country. They have had to deal with his antics and policies that have driven this country into the worst state is has been in since the 1880s. And it is their own fault. They gave him the nomination in 2000. They gave it to him again in 2004. They go along with his ideas because they are in the same party. The death of the Republican party will be their own doing. If the war in Iraq doesn't push them over the edge, putting another "W" in office surely will.
The Democrats don't have it much better. The strongest candidate they have had for any office in the last six years was Al Gore. And I think of all the people in this poll, he would do the best job as President. But only if he keeps being straight with people and doesn't turn into a politician. Otherwise, the Democratic party is dead too. And by their own doing. They have been getting consistently weaker and weaker over the past six years. They gave in and let "W" have his extra powers, his Patriot Act, and his war in Iraq. They might as well have changed parties. And if they think pushing Hillary Clinton is going to save them, they need a reality check. No one in their right mind would vote for her for president. Not even her own husband.
The solution to all of this is simple. The American voters need to realize that the two party system is out-dated and needs to be retired or put out of its misery. Nothing good is going to come out of either one unless we get some fresh faces in. In November, voters need to take a good long look at their incumbents. They need to look at who is running against them. They need to vote out the incumbent, because none of them are doing a good job. And they need to let some fresh blood into the Capital Building and then do the same for the White House in 2008. That is the only thing that will keep our democracy alive. Change now or die.

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