Friday, September 01, 2006

Where's The Love for "Rumey"?

With all that is going on in the world, I guess it was only a matter of time before Uncle Don's name came back into the news. This time some democrats are out for blood. In the defense appropriation bill is a resolution that would be the equivalent of a vote of no confidence in Rumsfeld and force the President to fire him. I'm not thinking this is going to work.
First off, Bush has already said "I'm the decider." That's it. Case closed. No more discussion is allowed on the subject. Go home for summer break, Congress. The President has said enough with the Rumey bashing. And that will be the fate of this bill. No way in Hell will this pass through the Senate or the House with the fate of a cabinet level official on the line. No way.
And secondly, if the man wanted to resign he couldn't. I honestly believe that Donald Rumsfeld wanted out of this administration before the 2004 election. He wanted nothing more to do with the facade that he had helped create for this war. He wanted to distance himself from the media spotlight because of the mess we are in now. He knew it was coming and he wanted out. Of course Bush said no way. No resignations for you Rumey.
Most of this new round of bashing stems from a comment that Rumsfeld made in a recent speech. He basically called critics of the administration "those who wanted to appease fascism and Nazism in the run-up to World War II." Granted, this was a pretty stupid thing to say. But for a man in his position, I would expect it. The man does not want the job he has. By this point he is simply going through the motions. I can't blame him for what his says because of that fact.
If I wanted to quit my job and wasn't allowed, I would be doing a similar thing. I mean put yourself in this situation. You help orchestrate a war on false pretenses. The war goes bad and appears to be unending. You realize this and want out. You boss says no for whatever hidden reason. What would you do? Personally, I wouldn't do a damn thing. I'd sit in my office and wait for someone to fire me. If the man doesn't want the job, he should be let go.
I really think the bashing of Rumey in this situation is a little too much. If anyone is to blame for the continued inadequate work Donald is putting in, it's his boss. If the boss won't fire a bad employee, it's not the employee's fault. Give the man a chance.

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