Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Problem With Primaries

Yesterday was one of the biggest days for primary elections across the country. The day was said to be enormously important to the midterm elections coming up in November. Why? There is a problem in this country when a pseudo-election often determines the outcome of a general election. I have always had a problem with primaries existing in a "free" society like the United States. And it makes sense if you look at it scientifically.
In the study of genetics one of the most important things is variety in a population. The less variety that exists, the more chances there are for things such as harmful mutations that lead to death. And I have found that often times, what is true in science can and should be applied in society. In this case, I think we should apply this principle to politics. Too little variety leads to nothing good.
Primaries are choking the variety out of politics. They always have. Who knows how many good people have been cut out of the political arena simply because they couldn't win a primary. If you think about it, it's ridiculous. It should be common sense that anyone who wants to run for a political office should have their name on the ballot along with everyone else. Let the voters actually decide on election day.
But because Americans are blind to this fact, the variety we see in Washington is little to none. We have so few options for candidates that the only option is to not vote. No person in their right mind should ever settle on a candidate just because there is no one else to vote for. If there was more of a choice, I think more people would vote.
We need to come to a realization in this country that democracy is going to die if we don't diversify it. We need new ideas and new directions. And both of these things come when we add more variety to the system. Primaries need to go the way of the two-party system. Neither of these things will lend anything good to the future of the United States. Our political gene pool is being depleted. Pretty soon, the American political arena will look like a deleted scene from "Deliverance Goes to Washington."

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