Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's Getting Hot In Here

Because of the false image given to global warming by conservatives, most people are ignorant to the fact that it is a real problem. These are the same people that don't realize that Katrina was a wake-up call to people that don't buy into the science of global warming. And so it is no surprise that recent findings about the Earth's increasing temperature have gone unnoticed. It is no surprise that people will not make much of the results. People, especially conservative Christians, don't have faith in science. It's because of an ignorance that have. And they refuse to do anything about it. But what this report shows, yet again, is that global warming is real and we caused it.
The report is mostly the work of climate scientists like James Hansen. In the report, scientist give evidence that shows the Earth's temperature is at its highest point in one million years. The most warming has occurred in places like the Arctic and the Pacific Ocean. Both of these places have a great influence on world weather. The increasing of temperatures, according to the report, has made for the extreme weather we have seen in the last 10 years. It all started with 1995's "super" El Nino event. This was only one of the many things to be caused by the Earth's increasing temperature.
No big surprise as to the cause of the rise on temperature as laid out by the report. According to this report (as has been concluded in hundreds of others) the cause of the change is, "rise in human activities, notably the release into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases -- notably carbon dioxide -- which let in sunlight and trap its heat like the glass walls of a greenhouse."
But most conservatives will ignore this report, like the many others. They will say this report is based on only a few scientists opinions. They will call it junk science. And people will believe them. Why? They are stupid.
These people will believe anything their great leaders tell them. Even if that something is false. They will go outside and feel the cool fall air and say, "Aint no global warming, it's a nice cool days. Stupid scientists don't know what they talkin' about. Like that evolution stuff they was harpin' on a couple years ago." And that will be the end of it. These same people will go right on driving there gas-drinking autos and adding to the problems. They don't care to learn the facts. And one day the Earth will make us all pay for it.

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